Monday, September 22, 2014


The Dilly Bag Along has started!  
Angie over at Gnome Angel has been very busy organising everything and many thanks to her for her organisation.  She is a whizz.
I have made another Dilly Bag,  which I certainly don't need (I have lots in various styles and colours), but I have photographed the progress of making the bag for you to look at if you need assistance.

The first two photos are the laying out of the fabrics in a pleasing manner!  Then sewing them all together to make a tube.

Next the base is sewn onto the hexies by first pinning the four quarter marks of the base and attaching it to the four quarter marks of the tube.

 Next take the two 9" circles of batting and sandwich the 8" diameter templastic between the two and stitch around the edge as shown.
Prepare the pocket section by positioning the pockets as in the pattern and stitching through the batting along both sides and right across the bottom.

Stitch down the side of the inside lining to make a tube and sew the base on and a 9" circle of batting for padding marking the four quarter marks as before to help with positioning.

Put the templastic sandwich into the hexagon bag, fitting it snugly.  Then insert the lining section of the bag, again fitting it in snugly.  
Place the ruffle section over the outside of the bag and line it up with the top of the hexies, trimming off the excess as shown. 

Sew the ruffle on after trimming then press it up.  Turn the edge over and press then turn down to the inside of the bag just over the seam and stitch in the ditch on the outside.

Making sure the pockets on the inside are facing each other, position the ribbon or trim and pin it onto the ruffle top, turning under on each side to leave place for the cord.  Stitch into place.
 If you have used a checked top like me, make sure you sew carefully along the lines of the check so that it looks even.  I have positioned my cat ribbon a little lower so that I will get a prettier ruffle at the top.   Cut the cord in half and thread through each side.
Voila!  You have finished your dilly bag and I hope you enjoy using it.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  1. Thank you for such clear instructions! I am about to start cutting for my version

  2. Love your bags, Judy! I made my first Dillybag 4 weeks ago and have made 2 more since! Quite addictive! Lol