Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaffe Fassett - prepare for strong colours!

I have just purchased the new Kaffe Fassett "Quilts en Provence" from Can Do Books in Hawthorn. I must admit I am not an on-line buyer of books. I prefer to sit down and leaf through a book and compare with lots of others and eventually make my decision. Stephanie has a great range of books including books on fashion, cooking and gardening. I have known about Kaffe Fassett since the 70's when he was a humble knitter. I am pleased to tell you he is coming to Amitie in February 2011. He will be doing a workshop for limited numbers and a lecture for many. Jenny has lots of his new fabrics in stock and more to come. Our problem will only be where to put them!


  1. This one looks gorgeous, just when I think I have enough quilt books....can't wait to hear Kaffe!

  2. 'Kaffe Fassett' and 'bright colours' are kind of interchangeable terms aren't they?
    Is this book worth a buy? Any new patterns? Or is it another 'worth-a-buy-but-only-for-the-pretty-pictures' book that he has been doing lately?

    How does one guarantee a spot in his class in Feb? Who must I bribe? You? What can I get you???

    Andi x

    PS Hope M&D are doing well.

  3. It looks amazing...

    ...and how does one make it on the invite list for this workshop?


  4. Yes the book is on my list too. I have been waiting for Amazon to have it. I agree with Andi, he does tend to rehash old patterns but the patterns are really simple designs - its the colours and photos that make the books amazing to have. If I could put colours together like he does I would be on a winner.