Monday, August 23, 2010

Doing just that!

The last three or four months have been spent back and forth to hospitals and rehab centres with my parents following their various surgeries. They are home together at last with all sorts of people coming in and out helping them. I am amazed at what is available in our community to help elderly people. The point of all this is every time I walk into our family room and see those words and the cat lounging somewhere warm and cosy, I feel calm and then carry on. Of course sewing does help. Many bits have been stitched together sitting by hospital beds!


  1. judy happy to hear both mum and dad are together again at home! they are amazing! well done to them and you.

  2. Glad to hear they are both home again!
    At least they can be back together.
    I don't imagine you'll be any less busy making sure they're OK at home.
    Andi x

    PS Your couch cushions look wonderful!!

  3. Sorry to hear life has been so hard but glad it's getting better. Considering what you have been going through, the couch looks pretty organised. You should see mine and I have no excuse!

  4. I hope all is going along well now. I love your cushions - did you make them? :-) xx