Wednesday, April 1, 2015


My daughter "Emma Mary" has been living and working in London since last September.
Missing her so much so I have decided to pay her a visit and to my son, leaving today for Florence for a university semester at Monash Prato.  Easy decision to make that one!  I have been very lucky to have been invited to do a workshop at Tikki Patchwork in London and Karen Lewis Textiles in Leeds.   The workshops will be in late April, link on to the shops for details.

These are the projects you can chose from.

Squares Dilly Bag, at Tikki London

Emma Mary

French Market Medallion - Applique centre

I will also be bringing along my Liberty Alice quilt and pattern books


  1. What a shame as I am London in July and would have signed up otherwise

  2. Have a fabulous time over there, Judy! How exciting!!