Monday, December 19, 2011

The purrfect quilt!

I was recently commissioned to make a quilt for someone with wonderful style and taste and the owner of a very discerning cat!  Here is the result and I think it looks fantastic.  It is colourful and whimsical with little blocks of "Alice" and the "White Rabbit" here and there and a lovely black and white stripe binding benefiting from a "drink of tea".  The quilt is tied in perle thread and I have hand quilted around the flowers and animals.  It was hard to part with this one but I see that Winston has already taken up residence and seems to approve so that makes me happy!


  1. Lucky Winston!! What a great quilt for such a beautiful cat. Can you tell I love cats!!

  2. So..... the quilt was for the cat really.

  3. Reminds me of Pop Art! I might even hang something like that on my wall instead of using it as a blanket. Then again, it looks so cozy ...

    I'm part of an online makers' community called Kollabora that's collectively looking for quilting inspiration these days. We'd all be really excited if you joined and showed off some of yours!