Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wishing for another white one

This was taken one year ago, Central Park, snow, Macy's bag! We had the best time especially walking back through Central Park one night, quite safe of course, getting horribly lost and not minding a bit. Suddenly it started to snow and by the time we found our way out, engaging in snowball fights and other like pursuits reserved for Australian tourists on their first glimpse of Christmas snow, we were happily freezing and ready for another circuit.


  1. Personally, I could do with a super sunny and hot one.
    Fingers crossed!!
    Love to you all and happy holidays.
    Andi xx

  2. Sounds like it was great fun. New York at Christmas time is one of my wishes. Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to making a quilt, after so many years, in between other sewing endeavours, in 2011. It was lovely to meet you last week - wishes for a great 2011.
    Ps. I've bought the material for the Anna Maria Horner dress.

  3. Personally I still prefer the hot xmas with a BBQ and swim but it looked like you had fun.

  4. I am a cold Christmas fan too, we can dream on I spose!