Monday, October 25, 2010

Flea Market Fancy of my own!

I finally have a little stash of the most coveted fabric in memory. I began teaching my next door neighbour patchwork a couple of years ago and she purchased all these plus more, made a few blocks and then found other more pressing things to attend to. They have now come home to me, over the fence and up the path and into the sewing room and there they will stay while I think about what they will become. I think I have enough for a quilt for my children, to share....
I work in a patchwork shop and I always thought I would get some later and later it was gone!


  1. Lucky you. Isn't it crazy how they won't just print some more. Everyone seems to want that fabric line.

  2. You are quite the lucky duck I think;) xxt

  3. I loved all those fabrics, I am in the process of putting a throw quilt together now using them all, will have to post some pics on the weekend. Have just started blogging again, have been busy organising the building of the house, will be down in November, will hopefully see you in the shop, Ren x