Monday, August 16, 2010

sewing into Spring

It is still cold but there are pink buds on my old camillia bush outside the kitchen window.
A pink and pretty quilt seemed like a good idea and I have discovered that Liberty and Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile make good company.


  1. Gorgeous quilt!!!! I'm sure it feels like heaven (and looks like it too).
    Andi x

    PS LOVE your ad in the latest Mixtape. Looks amazing!!!

  2. Anna Maria's voile is just lovely, colour texture, the lot!

  3. This is SPECTACULAR! xt

    ps. meant to say that I think I have got the hang of 'rocking the fabric', I wonder how I will go working on a large quilt though...might need to come in for another demo, thanks again Judy.

  4. Just beautiful, I love the voile, I am making a dress at the moment in Anna Maria Horner.