Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quilters Companion 2012

In the absence of an actual summer house, I have made this quilt aptly named Summer House.  It is in the current edition of Quilters Companion 2012 Yearbook.  When and if I ever have the summer house, I will be ready with the quilt.  I am always prepared for every eventuality.... even the most unlikely ones.  The summer house I have planned in my head, courtesy of years of trawling through magazines and more recently looking at blogs, is very nearly finished. Now Mr. Tatslotto, I am ready!


  1. I hear you!!! I've been pestering Mr Tatts for a similar thing. Gosh - he just won't listen!!! What's a girl to do.....keep on quilting/sewing. Ps: Love your quilt!! Will look purrfect in your Summer House.

  2. It's a beautiful quilt. The colours are perfect for a holiday house by the beach.