Sunday, December 5, 2010

never waste a scrap

I, like many quilters, become very attached to certain fabrics. I cut them carefully and keep the tiniest pieces of my most loved, just in case I can find a spot in a quilt and there they stay forever to look at and remember. This little quilt is one such project. I have nothing of these fabrics left anymore but I have this to remember them. I have quilted it simply, mostly done in the wee hours of the morning waiting for children on P's to get home. Oh for the cot with the high sides from which there was no escape, well except for the middle child, he threw himself over the edge more than once!


  1. I've recently organised my scraps into colour boxes.... 7 of them!!!
    Who doesn't love scraps? And we all love scrappy quilts and, as you say, its lovely to see a tiny scrap of fabric and remember all the other places it has been sewn with.
    Andi x

    PS The cot comment put a big smile on my face!!

  2. judy, what a lovely quilt to have as a reminder of all those lovely bits we keep! looks very english country and something beautiful made from scraps, just like they used to, when life was simple!

  3. Oh I do love your choice of fabrics and yes, scraps - can't bear to part with those little bits of triangles after cutting. Must get back into making a quilt - will have to be next year now. Yours is such a beautiful quilt.

  4. Those fabrics look lovely together and I just adore the quilting...looks like a very sweet project.

  5. What is it with middle children and the throwing-over-the-edge bizzo?

    I didn't need any scrap-saving encouragement but looking at that quilty gorgeousness, from now on I'll be keeping the ones as big as my fingernail...