Thursday, June 24, 2010

how hard can it be

I am thinking of making a bedhead, I have a shed and it has a hammer and nails in it, all I need now is The Idiot's Guide to Upholstery. This the style I have in mind, note there are no curvy bits.


  1. Ive just signed up for an upholstery course later this year.
    Join me?

  2. Hi Judy, I did Upholstery for a few Years and the Best tool is an Electric Staple Gunn. Mine was a Black and Decker and It makes all the difference . You could always track down some Tacks and a special little Hammer with a magnet in the Head together with a Tack elevator. I don't recomend Nails. Good Luck

  3. Just found this tutorial: